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About Arctic Geotourism
About Arctic Geotourism
Arctic Geotourism
Arctic Geotourism is a tourism company located in the coastal town of Skjervøy in the Municipality of Skjervøy in North Troms at latitude 70° N. The company try to live up to the consept ”geotourism”. Arctic Geotourism ensures that the local Saami and Kven cultures are conveyed in a genuine and committed manner. Treating traffic in the vulnerable Arctic nature with caution is also an important consideration.
Owner Helge Guttormsen
Our cultural and tourism competence:
  • The company’s owner-operator is educated as a historian and teacher at the University of Tromsø, including studies in geology, archaeology and history, and has experience at museums and secondary schools in Troms.
  • He has served as chairman of the Skjervøy and North Troms Historic Society.
  • He has researched Kven and Saami culture and history in North Troms and North Calotte and offers guided excursions and illustated lectures about Saami and Kven culture in North Troms and out from Tromsø.
  • received financial support from Innovation Norway to develop/assess a cultural heritage trail on Arnøy. Arctic Geotourism is a knowledge-seeking business.
  • Company owner was a contributor at the Workshop for Hurtigruten Group arranged by Nils Gaup, September 2006
  • 2007-2008: the owner participate in extension travel and tourism education organised by the Finnmark University College
  • 2008: The companys owner developed the project ”Nord i nord” (North to North) on Solhov in Lyngen, a great tourist conferance
  • 2009: owner authorised as a nature and cultural english guide for North Troms
  • company owner chariman for: The, a company working for pormoting tourism of the North Troms
  • companys owner participated on a workshop in Arkangelsk, Solovki for developing Festival-tourism in the Barents aera. Participians from Russia and Norway.
  • 2011/2012: Developed the Saami Coast with a brochure in English about Saami Culture in North-Troms
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