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Guided excursions in North Troms
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About Arctic Geotourism
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Arctic Geotourism on Skjervøy offers guided excursions with an autorised guide from Tromsø to North Troms and tours in North Troms. We focus on nature and how the last Ice Age formed the nature, but also on the Saami and the Kven culture and the old costal culture.This is based on new research from local archaelogy, history and culture history in North Troms.

By the consept ”geotourism” Arctic Geotourism wants to ensure that the local Saami and Kven cultures are conveyed in a genuine and committed manner. Treating traffic in the vulnerable Arctic nature with caution is also an important consideration.

Main excursions
Prices for July/August 2012
Tour 01: ”Fiord safari”. A fiordsafari to North Troms
special price NOK 1200 p.p.
(without meal / ticket  for Hurigruten
Skjervøy-Tromsø can be arranged)
Tour 02: “The Saami Coast”. Start from Tromsø: Thusdays and thursdays
special price NOK 3000 p.p.
(for 2 days  traveling with guide and room/bed.  New: an English brochure about Saami culture for this tour)
Tour 03: A glimpse of the alpine North Troms
price NOK 900 p.p.
Tour 04: Guided geotourism walk on Arnøy!
price NOK 500 p.p. minimum 3, NOK 1500,-
Tour 05: Island safari to Nord-Fugløy
special price NOK 1400 p.p.
Prices per person for 2-4 persons. For 5 p. and larger groups lower prices p.p., ask for prices.
Guided excursions in North Troms
Tour 06: A day in the Nordreisa Valley and Reisa National Park
price NOK 450,- p.p.
Tour 07: Hunting the nature and Saami and Kven culture
price NOK 600,- p.p.
Tour 08: Arctic nature with pristine mountains and tree-covered moraines
price NOK 500,- p.p.
rices per person for 2-4 persons. For 5 p. and larger groups, lower prices p.p., ask for prices.
Illustrated lectures (90 minutes)
Product 01: The Coastculture of North Troms
Product 02: People along two fiords (Ullsfjord and Lyngen)
Product 03: Saami and Kven history and culture
Prices are offered according to the number of persons in the group, ask for prices.
Product 04: Sale of nature photos and posters from North Troms in the coasttown Skjervøy. (See photo galleries on Arctic Geotourism’s website. Please phone +47 95 73 31 73.)
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