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Guided excursions in North Troms
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About Arctic Geotourism
Main excursions
Tour 01: ”Fiord safari”. A fiordsafari to North Troms

“Fiord safari” give you an impressive seven fiords and four sounds, a tour on which an auotrised and
local guide will follow you and inform you in English. This sightseeing and fjordsafari to North-Troms” we belive you will remember for a very long time. For attractions look at map and phots from the tour. It is a long tour, but with many breaks!

Firstly the pretty views of the fiord landscape along Balsfjord and Ramfjord. What is in and behind the Lyngen Alps? Inwards through the Lakselv Valley and along Sørfjord (in Saami: Moskavuotna) you can almost ”smell” the naked alpine landscape ”coming up” behind the trees in the Lakselv valley.

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Standing in the Sørfjord, you will be surprised over the view: on your left side majestic Jiekkevarre with a glacier on its top on 1834 m above sea level (higest mountain in Troms). On your right side ”The Place of heavenly peace”, not only a place in Beijing, but here a local name of majesthetic mountains in the Lakselv alps! Here the mouintainsides fell right from their tops into the fjord or the valley. In Storfjord we experience Saami drift fences for hunting wild reindeer at Oteren, the Skibotn marketplace and the Kven culture. Driving along the picturesque Kåfjorden, we see many glaciers in the Lyngen Alps along the Lyngenfjorden, whick is quite a view, before we arrive out to the expansive coastal areas out round Skjervøy with great views everywhere. By the Skjervøy church you will learn about the “Skjervøy king”, Thomas von Westen, the mission for the local Saami and Laestadianism. You return from Skjervøy to Tromsø via several sounds and fiords by a cruise ship, the Hurtigruten (coastal steamer).

This is a 9 hours guided excursion from Tromsø up to the coastal town Skjervøy. For 3-6 persons this is a tour in an air conditioned vehicle with glass roof, for groups up to 15 persons in minibus or 45 persons in bus. Note that we use new, air conditioned buses from Bussring AS. Depart from the bus depot at Prostneset, or from your hotel in Tromsø at 10.45am.
The return to Tromsø with Hurtigruten is not a guided tour. Hurtigruten departs Skjervøy daily at 7:45pm arriving in Tromsø at 11:45pm. The tour ”Fjordsafari” is recomended as a dayexcursion for groups of tourist visiting Tromsø or as breaks on conferances in Tromsø.

Price: in July and August 2012 we can offer you a special price for this tour. For groups of 2-4 persons NOK 1200,- per person for guiding one day, costs for driving car/bus, and coffee/tea during the tour. Minimum 3 persons or minimumprice NOK 3600,-. Meals you must buy during the tour, also ticket for the Hurtigruten back to Tromsø. If you want, you can also get all meals included in a paketprice. Lower prices per Person with larger groups than 5, 10, 30 persons Please contact us and ask for prices.

Booking at 6pm day before vished day for tour: Touristinformation in Tromsø or phone: Arktic Geotourism +47 957 33 173. mail:

Tour 02: “The Saami Coast”
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An increasing group of overseas tourists want to learn more about Saami culture and history. To this tour we have for 2012 developed a informative and illustrating brochure for You in English about Saami culture!
”The Saami Coast” is a sightseeing tour and photo safari in one with as many breaks as you want!
Participants are taken to exquisite and sought-after spots to view fiords, mountains and glaciers.
The tour departs Tromsø and travels along the Balsfjord, Sørfjord, Storfjord, Kåfjord, Lyngen Fjord
and Reisafjord out to the coastal township of Skjervøy.
The guiding en route covers natural history, from the Ice Age, and the Saami and Kven fiord cultures.
This tour expands on Arctic stretching from Tromsø right up to the border with the northern county
of Finnmark. This exciting tour encompasses everything about the nature and culture a visitor to
this area could wish to experience.

Arriving in Skjervøy at 7pm on day 1, the tour continues by express boat or private boat across the impressing Kvænangen fjord with pretty views in to the little village Dunvik on the island of Spildra where we stay overnight in good roms. On day 2 you get four-hour guided walk in light terrain with excellent photographic subjects including mountains, Stone Age tofts, Saami sacrificial sites and bear graves, which are unique cultural heritage sites in Scandinavia. The stay on Spildra concludes with a mini fiord cruise to the Jøkelfjordbreen Glacier with the chance to spot the white-tailed eagle en route.

This is ”a grand tour” you will remember for years! You will travel for a long distance through many local landscapes and houses of their own and small villages. How is it possible to make a living her, long away from towns? By doing this tour, you will expirience something quite new, something to remeber and speak about, long after your return at home.

Depart from Tromsø on day 1 at 10:00 am. Return from Skjervøy on day 2 by Hurtigruten at 7:45 pm arriving in Tromsø at 11:45 pm. You can also travel to the north by the Hurtigruten from Skjervøyat 10:30 pm for Hammerfest or North Cape. ”The Saami Coast” is a tour for 3-6 persons with air conditioned vehicle with glass roof, or for groups up to 15 persons by airconditioned minibus. This is a tour for max 15 persons and must be booked 48 hours before the day you want to do
The tour
Contact Tourist Information in Tromsø ot Arctic Geotourism +47-957 33 173, mail:

In July and August 2012 we can offer you a special paketprice of NOK 3000,- per person, including guiding and all cost for transport for 2 days by car/bus, boats, overnight accommodation and ticket for Hurtigruten. This is - 50% of the ordinary price for this tour: NOK 5900,- per person. You get cofee/tea on the tour, but the cost for meals are not included in the price. If you want, you can get a paketprice for all meals during”The Saami Coast”. For groups over 10 persons we can offer a lower packetprice per person. Please contact us and ask for prices.

You should note that “The Saami Coast” is localy developed project by the enterprises Arctic Geotourism and Kvænangen Adventure as a geotourismproject. Guide on day 1 is Helge Guttormsen, educated as touristguide but also a historian and has considerable knowledge about the geology, the Saami and Kven history and moderen society in the entire region between Tromsø and Skjervøy. Guide on day 2 is Roy Isaksen in Dunvik on the island of Spildra in Kvænangen. He and Rita Isaksen have for the past eight years arranged weekend gatherings for students studying Saami Cultural Studies and Indigenous Studies at the University of Tromsø.The tour ”Saami Coast” is recomended as a 2 dayexcursion for groups of tourist visiting Tromsø or as breaks on conferances in Tromsø.

Tour 03: A glimpse of the alpine North Troms
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A guided day excursion of 6 hours in North Troms returning to Tromsø. For 3-6 persons in an air
conditioned vehicle with glass roof, for groups up to 15 persons in minibus or 45 persons in bus. The buses are new with air condition from the firm Bussring AS. We travel on sealed, well maintained roads and stop for lunch en route. We depart Prostneset or Your hotell in Tromsø by car at 10:30am and travel via Ramfjord to Breivikeidet. At 11:50am, we board the ferry to Svensby as the majestic Lyngen Alps approach. From here, we travel to Lyngseidet and inwards along the Lyngen(fiord) to Pollen-Furuflaten-Oteren before travelling over Balsfjordeidet to Balsfjorden and Nordkjosbotn before returning to Tromsø around 6pm. Guiding in Norwegian and English.

Attractions refer to the map: Pretty fiord nature inland towards Breivikeidet, Ullsfjorden and the
majestic Lyngen Alps, wild and extremely steep mountains in Kjosen, Ura with its modern protection
against avalanches, and the Fjellfinnbakken former summer living place for Swedish Saami reindeer herders. We stop for lunch at picturesque Lyngseidet before visiting the Lyngen Church, Solhov and Karneset, Sieidichokka, Pollen, Pollfjellet, Storfjord, drift fences for hunting wild reindeer at Oteren and the picturesque Balsfjorden.

Prices: For groups of 3-4 personson: NOK 900,- per person the price includes a guide and travel by car/bus and ticket for the ferry. Minimum 3 persons, min.price: NOK 2700,-. Lunch you must bay on your own. Lower pricesfor groups over 5, 10 og 30 persons. Please contact us and ask for prices.
The tour A glimpse of the alpine North Troms is recomended as a dayexcursion for groups of tourist
visiting Tromsø or as breaks on conferances in Tromsø.

Tour 04: Guided geotourism walk on Arnøy!

Arnøy was most likely one of the sites where whaling was established in collaboration between the Saami and Norse people with respect to both the hunting and the extraction of blubber for whale oil. During this hike, we place particular importance on conveying the genuine local Arctic culture of the Saami and Norse groups. Welcome to a unique meeting with the Saami and Norse cultures!

Arnøy ligger på 70 grader nord Vittnes Tyvdalen På det høgste var iskappa 500 m tykk Rein er et arktisk dyr som innvandret etter istida. Deltakere på kulturvandring 2006
Helleristning Rundt Arnøya står havsjøen bestandig på. Akkarvik Bårsetbåten Lappeguden Årviksand
Kvalbein av spermasettkval Årviksand havn Årviksandfjæra Ærfugl Rotvåg Veien fra Nord-Rekvik til Rotvåg.

The tour Guided geotourism walk on Arnøy is is an excursion with seven stops - please refer to the map: (1) Tyvdalen landskapsvernområde (Lauksletta), (2) en steinalderlandsby, (3) et utrorsvær fra jernalderen og (4) et utvinningssted for kvalolje. Ute i Årviksand besøk ved en gårdshaug fra middelalderen (5), en norrøn gravhaug fra jernalderen (6) og ei kirketuft fra katolsk tid (7) og en moderne molo.

Click here for more information about the excursion

Kart over Arnøya
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The duration of this excursion is around six hours. We travel 130 km round-trip on well maintained roads by car/minibus. We make seven stops for short guided walks (5-15 minutes), the longest of which is 400m with commentary in English and and Norwegian. We depart from the car park at Hotel Maritim in Skjervøy. On weekdays, we depart at 8:35am by
car/minibus then by ferry out to Arnøy and return to Skjervøy at 2:45pm. Departures on Saturdays and Sundays are at 9:40am, returning at 4:25pm. The ferry has a nice lounge, good toilet facilities and the upper deck boasts excellent views. Windproof clothing is recommended if it’s overcast, wet or windy. Participants should wear running shoes or other suitable footwear.

Persons and tourists staying in Nordreisa could, for a small cost, be fetched and drowen back phone +47 957 33 173. Tourists could also travel by car out to the ferry at Storstein on weekdays at 11am or on weekend at 10am. Tourists to Arnøy may join a tour by prior arrangement. Please contact +47 957 33 173. We will meet you either at the Skaret ferry landing or at Lauksletta Overnatting (1). Refer to the Arnøy map.

Prices: For groups with 2-4 persons NOK 500,- per person. This price incudes guiding, costs for car/bus and tickets for ferry, but no meal. For groups over 5 and 10 persons lower prices per person, please contact us for prices. The tour must have minimum 3 persons or minimumprice NOK 1500,-.
Booking: Touristinformation Skjervøy or Arctic Geotourism +47 957 33 173 / mail:

Tur 05: Island safari to Nord-Fugløy

Unless otherwise stated, all photos are © Arctic Geotourism. The images may be ordered in a variety of sizes (up to 50cm x 60cm). Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version. If your pop-up blocker is activated, push down on the control key while clicking on the image.

This tour combines a guided cultural walk and bird watching into one exciting tour. The tour features geotourism on Arnøy and bird watching on Nord Fugløy (Northern Bird Island), one of Troms County’s top nesting colonies. Species include kittiwake, puffin, tern, common guillemot and the white-tailed eagle. The main season for a teeming birdlife is from mid-May to the end of August. Weather permitting, the tour will also be offered in September. As the last stretch of the tour is in the open sea, weather conditions dictate whether the tour is possible.

The tour starts at Maritim Hotel in the coastal township of Skjervøy in North Troms. On weekdays, the tour departs at 10:40am, ferry from Storstein 11am. On weekends, the tour departs at 9:40am, ferry from Storstein at 10am. Persons and tourists staying in Nordreisa could, for a small cost, be fetched and drowen back phone ++47-95733173. Such persons could also travel by car out to the ferry at Storstein on weekdays at 11am or on weekend at 10am. The tour Island safari to Nord-Fugløy is recomended as a dayexcursion for groups of tourist visiting North Troms or as breaks on conferances in Skjervøy or Nordreisa.

The tour from Skjervøy is by a comfortable vehicle with glass roof and is ideal for groups of up to six people, max 15 persons in minibus. When we reach the island of Arnøy, we do a guided walk to a Stone Age settlement and cultural heritage sites from the Iron Age, which show that the Norse and Saami population groups co-operated in prehistoric times. Out at Årviksand, we board a tourboat for the trip to Nord Fugløy, one of the finest bird rocks in Troms. Lunch is served on board the boat out at the island. As going ashore is prohibited during the nesting season and over the summer months, we only sail up to the rock, so remember to bring your camera! On weekends, we return to Skjervøy at 5:45pm or, if tour participants wish, at 6:45pm.

Prices: In July and August 2012 this tour is offered to a special price of NOK 1400,- per person For groups of 4 persons. (4 persons or a minimumprice of NOK 5600 for this tour). Lower price for groups over 6 persons. Please contact us and ask for prices:

This tour must be booked 48 hours before you want to do the tour. Booking: Touristinformation Skjervøy or Arctic Geotourism +47 957 33 173 / mail:

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